Melville 22 Varsity 17

It helps Melville supporters to have steady nerves and confidence when they watch the Premiers play on a Saturday. The game against Varsity was no exception. Up 14-0 after 20 minutes, it looked as though we then decided to even the game up by turning over possession and allowing the opposition plenty of opportunities which they took to even the score up at 14 all at the oranges break. Varsity kicked a penalty early in the second half to go to a 17-14 lead but just as quick as you can say “what the devil is going on” Melville rediscover their flair along with their optimism and score a couple of tries, kick some goals and grab a 5 point bonus win.  I am sure the Sponsors who visited the mobile Grandstand where they enjoyed some Melville hospitality, got their money’s worth.   This Saturday sees us heading across town to take on Hamilton Old Boys which  doubles up as a Stag Trophy challenge – it would be great to see this magnificent trophy come home to Melville.

The Development team went down to Varsity 17-11 in a game where the strain of continuous team changes showed up. They still hold onto 3rd place on the table.

The U 85’s kicked their season off with a hard fought 7-3 win over old rivals Tech with coach Blair Tate showing his old skills are still around.

The President’s grade are going to play their games at 6.00pm on a Friday night in a move I’m sure will prove popular to all concerned.

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